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What kind of wardrobe do you own?

  Okay first of all I am not talking about the piece of wood, metal or plastic that you put your clothes into I’m talking about what you put into it.
So are you the type of person that likes to keep a minimalist wordrobe of the appserlute basics or are you the type to have at lest one of every style of garment.
Or are you the minimalist that only buys new items to replace something else in your wordrobe.
If you don’t consider yourself a minimalist then what do you? When you see your clothes, is it as though your looking at a rainbow of colour and styles with at least one of everything; and your always prepared of anything!
Do you have a massive collection of one particular item such as shoes?
Or are you an every colour and type of jeans kind of person.
I myself started the year 2014 with a minimalist wordrobe and over the past year I have been building and growing it. Seeing all the different styles that I try as I figured out what I like.
But I want you to think. What type of wordrobe do you have?
Do you only own jeans and a few t-shorts?
A whole wordrobe of clothes with no items alike any other?
Let me know in the comments below! What type of wordrobe do you own?
Love you, talk to you later! xxx