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What I packed for my Scotland holiday!

so there was no blog post last week and that was due to the fact that I was in Scotland on holiday with my family. I want to show you what I packed to take away with me. Most of this is just what I take traveling!
Here we go!


So first, clothes of course! I took nothing glamorous with me just basic clothing items that could keep me warm.


Next I peaked my walking shoes and knee-high socks because they keep my feet the most comfortable with these shoes.


I then took with me 3 pairs of sunglasses all in black but different styles.


I packed a small makeup bag, mainly containing my skin care items rather than makeup items. I took with me my Kiehl’s facial cleanser, Witch stick, Nivea moisturizer, rimmel mascara, models own lip balm and my sleek clear lip gloss. I parked these in a floral makeup bag.


Along with the theme of skin care I peaked the following items: makeup remover wipes, body cream, sun cream, one of my hair products and a cheap perfume.


A camera is an essential item to take with you when traveling. And don’t forget the charger!


A good book is a must have when lacking in Internet access, I took this one as its light-hearted and easy to read.


As apart of my hair care routine I wrap my hair up at night so I packed a scarf.


As I was on my way to a cold country I packed a rain mak. And yes it’s pink, my favourite colour!


A coat to keep me warm during the long walks.
Here is my packed suitcase!
IMG_4720So that is everything I packed for my holiday in Scotland. I hope you enjoyed reading as it is a little bit different to my normal posts. As I spent a week away I will be posting a want I did each day as a way of documenting my trip. These posts will be on Monday and Wednesday with a normal post on Friday.
Love you, talk to you later! Xxx