beauty Nails wednesday is nail day

Wednesday is nail day #6

This weeks nails are blue and glittery!

This week I used two blue polishes to create this nail look. I started with the top and bass coat then the L.A Colors Aquatic nail polish. To add depth to the nail look I then added Bikini (609) which is a coconut infusion shade by Barry M. This blue green was sponged onto my nails so that the other polish could peak through from underneath. At this point I didn’t know whether or not to make it sparkly so I asked my friends and they voted sparkles.
Over the last few weeks a couple Rafael and Katelynn have been really helpful and encouraging so I wanted to link there Instagram accounts so you can go check them out!
Back to what’s on my nails. After the Barry M shade I added my Mint Spark polish and a top coat to finish the look. I love how blue they are without looking like a single block of colour!
Love you, talk to you later! Xxx