beauty hair makeup wednesday is hair day

Wednesday is hair day #3

So today the first thing that I did once it came to doing my hair was decided on whether or not I wanted it up or down. Well as of late I have been having my hair down a lot so I thought why not go for an up-do today. So that is exactly what I did. Here is a look at the hair style I went for today!
    IMG_2573  So I went for a slicked back messy bun. For this I simply put my hair into a ponytail and then brushed the sides down till they were smooth. Next I took the ponytail and squashed it into a bun in no particular way. I then put another hairband in my hair to hold the bun in place. With the slicked part of my hair, to keep it looking smooth I added a little bit of a leave-in-conditioner over it. This is what caused you to see my little fly sways adding to the messy look. I love this hair style for when I want my hair up and away from my face at all times, but will look good with almost any outfit!
Oh and before I forget I am only wearing eyeliner, mascara and I also did my eyebrows today; but other than that I am bare-faced and don’t care. That be the reason why my face looks a little pink.
Love you, talk to you later! Xxx