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TopShop Lip Bullet

The Topshop lip bullet was my first buy from there make up department. I got mine in the colour Bewitched and I instantly fell in love with it. The colour is very vampy and does cause your teeth to look a little yellow. It is a statement colour though.
The product is easy to apply however not all to long lasting and I did have to reapply during the day. The finish of this lipstick is slightly glossy and not at all matt. I found that the lip bullet lasts longer with a sticky bass lip stick such as the Barry M lip crayon. It is creamy when applied and feels soft on the lips. I think that the colour Bewitched is perfect for the autumn/fall time. This product is also available in many different colours.
The packaging unfortunately I did not get a picture of while clean as I was to eager to use it and discovered straight away that they get dirty very quickly. The price of this product is £8. I do think that you can very easily find a different product out there cheaper that you can get better results with however it is a fun picture colour. Just remember not smiling with your teeth or be like me and use the flash on Snapchat for instantly whiter teeth.
Love you, talk to you later! xxx