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The Green Woodland Fairy

I love working with photographers to help bring their vision to life. Here is a photoshoot I did with photographer Kitty I hope you enjoy!


The fairies we often hear about in fairytales are creatures of pure good and hapiness that fly around from place to place. Some have wings, some don’t. They come in pastels, bright and muted colours. Most good, some evil. A clear line drawn between the two sides.
Here is mine and Kitty’s incision of a green woodland fairy: a fairy without wings, who lives in the trees. A vision of beauty, sporting a crown of flowers from a meadow not too far away. A face of very minimal makeup, who prefers a more natural look and isn’t afraid to be herself.
In the photographs above I am wearing a green two piece dress made by Joanne Kelly. The stunning floor length skirt is paired with the matching sweetheart crop top.


Photographer Kitty.
Designer Joanne Kelly: Facebook| Instagram


Love you, talk to you later! xxx


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