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Superdrug BB Vs CC

A good BB or CC cream is an essential for anybody’s makeup collection. There quick and easy to apply and last all day.
So let’s review some products!


Okay so I’m going to be honest and say that there isn’t much of a difference between these two products. The only definitive difference I’ve come across is that the BB cream doesn’t cover harsh redness. You may notice that on my face I have a total of three spots and they were all really red today. On the CC side however there were two spots and they are very hard to find as the cream covered them right up leaving me with a natural looking, redness free complexion.
The formula of the two products is a little different as the BB cream is a lot thinner then the CC cream. The packaging is the same although the the caps are different, the CC creams gets dirty easily. This I don’t fine to be much of a problem I just have to wipe it clean every so often with a makeup wipe.
I got both the products in the shade medium and it suits me well. The colour of the two products is very very similar although the CC cream is a little more pink when first applied before it adjusts to your skin tone. I fine this helps to cancel out any redness on my face.
In terms of layering anything on top of either of these products such as a powder I would not suggest it as it made the cream go all crumbly on my face. The best way I have found to apply the cream is by using your fingers, as a brush or sponge I found absorbed to mush product and left my face streaky. Both are extremely comfortable to wear on the skin.
As these products are made by Superdrug they are both cruelty free and vegan!
The CC cream costs £8.99
The BB cream costs £6.99
Is the little extra redness coverage worth the extra £2 maybe if you suffer from break outs then yes but for me right now I’m not sure. Overall I think that both of the products are amazing. As for a winner cost wise the BB cream wins because I don’t breakout often, however in regards to coverage hands down the CC cream would win every time.
Love you, talk to you later!