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Spring Tutu

Spring tutu

Spring tutu by hashabiah featuring a purple nail polish

So if you know me then you already know that I LOVE tutu’s. The look that you see above I put together myself on Polyvolre. Polyvolre is one of my current favourite apps. You can follow me on Polyvolre @hashabiah. Each and every piece above is listed below with a link to the Polyvolre website and you can purchase them there or see alternatives to the item that you like if it is out of stock. To be honest I could right whole paragraphs on each item and why I love this look but of the first of many looks to come this post is simple and sweet.

Miss Selfridge petite shirt
£24 –

Chicwish taupe skirt
£27 –

Pocket bag

Christmas ring
£8.06 –

Forever New imitation pearl necklace
£8.89 –

Adjustable bangle
£26 –

Maybelline eye makeup

Topshop moisturizing lipstick
£8.07 –

Purple nail polish
£3.35 –

Love you, talk to you later! xxx