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Resent purchases

I went shopping not to long ago!
I may have stepped a little out of my comfort zone when buying these items, so I thought I would share them with you.
First I bought these shorts, they are the cutest pair I have seen with a floral print. I myself am not a huge fan of floral but these shorts just hit the mark for me. They cost £12.99 from H&M. 

The top I have paired with them is anouther H&M purchase. This style of top is not one that I would usually wear, but I love the way it looks so I picked it up. The top says “lost for words” and I love it. I think it goes perfectly with the shorts. I bought this crop top in my normal size and it cost £6.99. 

Okay so I have a confetion to make all of the items in this post are from H&M. That’s because when I went shopping it was the only shop with clothes that stood out to me. So here we go the last two items I bought.
I bought boyfriend jeans!!!
So some of you may know already but I only wear skinny jeans. However I already have enough of those so I thought it would be good to get something different for a change. These jeans cost £29.99. I love them! 

I love the design of the illuminati on the top. Again this is not the type of top that I would ever buy myself but, the pattern just screened at me on the hanger. I got this one, one size up from my normal size because it is meant to be a crop top but I didn’t want to wear it that way. It also cost £6.99. 

Here is a little look book of me wearing the two outfits! 


Overall I think that two new outfits for summer is a perfect way to start of the summer holidays comfortable and in a pair of new clothes to feel confident in! Always remember as cheesy and cringe worthy as it may be “Confidence is key, Self-expression is everything!” Never forget it.
Love you, talk to you later! xxx