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Ready for December

So its officially the last month of the year 2014! That is honestly the most scariest thing to me that one year is ending and another is soon to begin. But its also fun and exciting!
This month is filled with joy and fun for all the family!
Don’t forget you can also start your advent calendars today!
This is the time of year that if you have not already then you need to pull out your favourite vampy purples and deep red lip colours.
Eyes tend to go I little more neutral to compensate for the bold lip and checks a nice flushed red for the stippling cold weather.
To go with the cold weather wear a winter coat if your somewhere were it gets cold at this time of year and top your outfit off with a pair of beautiful winter boots for the SNOW SNOW SNOW!
Also its getting darker earlier so wear something bright coloured and stay safe.
And to top it off its only 23 days till Christmas,
so I hope you have all of your presents for everyone whether that be something
bought or made its the thought that counts.
The Christmas album that I will be having on repeat from now on not to say that it hasn’t been on already is Pentatonix That’s Christmas To Me. Its a wonderful revamped version of not necessarily classic Christmas songs but well known ones as well as an original.
Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month No Returns.
Love you, talk to you later! xxx