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New trainers & What I wear when working out!

I don’t have many workout clothes, but this is my favourite outfit to wear once a week when I go running with my bff Becky.
Let’s start with the new trainers!

Yes I got skechers! If you know me or follow my Twitter you would know that I haven’t had a pair of proper trainers for 7 years. All of my friends are fans of Nike’s however when I tried on a million pairs they made my feet look huge, and weren’t particularly comfortable. Which is unfortunate because I love Nike’s.
On to the skechers. Okay, so yes they’re not brightly coloured however they are super comfortable. After not were in trainers for so long I forgot how comfortable some types of shoes can be. These trainers give me both comfort and support for my feet. They cost £45. I L.O.V.E them!
And on to my outfit!

So I’m wearing yoga pants and a sports bra with a slightly loose top over the top. lol! the drawstring bag that I am wearing says “Eat well, Drink plenty, be Active.”
The loose grey top is from primark and costs £4. The leggings that I’m wearing can be found in USC.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
love you, talk to you later! xxx