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I really like the packaging of the Ultra Contour Palette. It’s simple and elegant. The black and gold work really well together. One of my fav things about the palette is the large mirror. The swatches go from the top row left to right. I really like all of the shades in the palette I use them all. My absolute Fav shades are the well I love them all and they all work well with my skin tone. The pigmentation of the products is really good however the shades are a little chalky if applied to heavily.
The pink blush has a very basic packaging but for the price I don’t mind this as it protects and holds the product which is really what it’s for. The white keeps it looking bright and friendly, if it was black it would not look as inviting I like this of the product. The blush is highly pigmented the first time I applied it I acid entry applied to much lol. A swatch of the product is below. The colour I got is called Treat.

The white eyeliner is highly pigmented and easy to use. The only problem with it is that it is a little hard. I like to use it as a bass for my eye shadows if I really want them to pop. I find that it is perfect for this. When super sharp I do like to create a graphic liner look.

I’ve never really liked plastic wands but this one really impressted me. It makes my lashes long and doesn’t clump together. The sleek black packaging with the Gosh brand name engraved on the tube really gives a high end look the product. The formula is soft and lasts long on the eyes I find that it very wet when first applied but dries quite quickly. This has defiantly made it into my top 3 mascaras.
I’m really pleased with all of my purchases!!! 😀


Product links:
Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette £8.00
Makeup Revolution Blush £1.00
Gosh White Eyeliner £4.49
Gosh Growth Mascara £9.49
Love you, talk to you later! xxx


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