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Nail polish haul

This is my first nail polish haul; and may have bought 5 new nail polishes! So I am going to show you guys the new colours in my collection. All the nails polishes were under £2.00 each on sale 😱

Let’s do this!

[sarong nail polish by models own][sarong wrap nail polish by models own][brilliant violet nail polish by kiko cosmetics][Baby Pink quick dry nail polish by kiko cosmetics][french white nail polish by Kiko cosmetics][Sea green nail polish by Kiko cosmetics]

As it happens getting the new polishes expanded the range of formulas I own. The first one being Kikos’ original formula. I find it to be rather thin and not very opaque. Therefore, I found myself applying layer after layer. However, I do like the way the purple of the looks but not the white. I bought the white thinking “hey this is for manicures it must be thicker than a normal white but no. In my opinion go for a different brand for a good white nail polish.

Kikos’ quick dry formula on the other hand is amazing. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I’m really liking it. Both colours from there quick dry range are brilliant 💕. The green is rich in colour and is highly opaque which is beautiful 👌.

The Models Own polish on my skin tone makes me look more tanned. The yellow is so bright it’s like a ray of sunshine; but I did find that it was patchy 😔. Models Own is one of my favourite brands but this polish really didn’t do it for me when it comes to formula.

Product list:

Models Own- Models Own Nail Polish Sarong Wrap

Kiko cosmetics:

  • Nail lacquer White French White (204)
  • Nail lacquer Brilliant violet (333)
  • Quick dry Polish Baby pink (841)
  • Quick dry polish Sea Green (837)

Love you, talk to you later! xxx

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