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My current favourite outfit

Okay so just to be clear I am now posting two times a month at the minimum. In March these posts may be random because of my hectic schedule, but really why is it that March is one of the busiest months of the year for me, that is so random; just WHY?!?!?!
So now that the boring part is over onto the fun bit.
So lets start with my bag. My bag is a blue DSUK London bag with gold accents. Not only is this bag cute but also practical with a lot of pockets and zips you wouldn’t believe how much you can fit in it and still be overly organized. The gorgeous blue colour is a head turner and great pop of colour.
I am wearing a long knitted pullover as a oversized jumper dress by the brand ONLY, its super big and so comfortable you wouldn’t believe it; Oh and not to mention really warm as well.
On my feet are my Primark boots that I wear almost everyday and I have done since I bought them! they are comfortable and high which I love because I hate my hight but they ave a chunky soft heel that make them comfy.
Okay before I go any further promise me you will not judge me. Promise! Good.
So I am wearing two pairs of tights of a different thickness.
Please leave a comment on this post stating your favourite colour?!?!?!
Love you, talk to you later! xxx