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M.A.C Lipstick- All Fired up

So this was an impulse buy!
Here we go!


I love this lipstick although it is more of a spring summer shade however I think with a red lip liner underneath that you could make it work for autumn/fall and winter.

All Fired Up is a retro matte bright muted pink lipstick. Without a lip liner underneath I did find that the lipstick would bleed slightly and would need retouching more often throughout the day then with a liner underneath. this was simply solved by using a lip liner.
I found that the lipstick still felt a little bit creamy on my lips and not very drying, which I like about a lipstick. The lipstick costs £15.50.
I hope you enjoyed reading and found this helpful in any way. If there is anything that I missed or you would like to know for a future review please leave me a comment letting me know.
Love you, talk to you later! xxx