Love/Hate Tag

So I was reading the love/hate tag post by Make Me Up and she nominated everyone so I thought why not just do the tag; and here we are!
Lets start on a positive note and do the things that I love first:
1. Fashion! Well that was kind of obvious as a write a blog about fashion. Fashion to me is a way of expressing yourself.
2. Makeup! what a surprise. I love playing around with makeup to create different looks. Sometimes I think of it as my hobby.
3. The colour Pink! so I was born and raised in an era where the colour pink is shoved down young girls throats causing them to hate the colour when they grow up. however I love it. my favorite shade of pink is a bright neon pink but I don’t know why?
4. Pentatonix! You know that a capella group that won season 3 of the sing off in america, that then went on to win a Grammy this year. Yeah them! okay so you still don’t know them well there the ones from YouTube that did that Daft Punk Medley. I love them! <3
5. Music in general. I love the role that a song can play in a person’s life. music is inspirational and helps us through all different situation.
6. Gymnastics! I have been a gymnast practically my whole life. however I stopped training in march to concentrate on my school work. this was the best and worst decision I have made. It was good because I worked so much harder on my school work, I ended up getting a grade that I am really proud of. It was also the worst decision as I now have so much free time I just don’t know what to do with myself, but this also led to my decision to move my blog and start posting more this summer. So everything happens for a reason!
7. My friends! I have to admit I don’t have that many friends. I have 2 childhood friends that are turning 19 years old this august which is crazy because I’m just 17. Then there is my best friend Becky who is absolutely amazing I love her and I can’t wait to hang out during the summer holidays. We have known each other since we started school but we haven’t always been friends that happened sometime in secondary school. then there is my new friends from college we meet less than a year ago but we all just clicked so yeah I love them guys too.
8. My mum! so yes this does mean that I’m a mammas girl but hey. I love and respect her. she has supported me in almost everything I do, and I say almost because when I first started this blog she thought it was me talking theoretically as if I hadn’t actually gone and done it. this however went on untill last month when a colleague from work came across my blog. so yes mum this blog is real but no she doesn’t read it I don’t think. Who knows?
9. Summer time! summer is my favourite season of the year. when the sun is shining and the weather is good there is nothing that can put a damper on my mood.
10. Blogging! Okay so I’m new to this and yes, I procrastinate writing posts but I love it. the fact is that I like to write posts. It’s plain and simple. I take pride in it. I hope to one day own my own domain.
Okay so that was everything I love now for the things that I hate:
1. Bad weather! so I live in England. we have bad weather almost all year round and I hate it. I want to one day move somewhere sunny all year round, but that seems kind of boring for fashion choices so maybe not. Who knows?
2. Cleaning! I despise it. I wish everything could just stay clean and never get dirty but no, dirt exists. I think that cleaning my room is hard I can’t imagine myself cleaning a flat. That’s not cool!
3. Hair chalk! So do you remember when it was cool to colour your hair with hair chalk. yeah well I bought some and it turns out I hate it. I don’t know why I bought some because I have dark brown hair!
4. Facebook! so I really don’t think I should mention this but you know I don’t like it. then again how would I know I have never had Facebook. Yes I have never had Facebook! I think I should leave that one there.
5. the skin around my nails! I was a nail biter when I was younger. that was untill my parents made me use that disgusting nail polish that tastes nasty. this just made me bite the skin around my nails instead so that was a fail!
6. hairspray! It’s just nasty and does nothing for my hair! the hair product not the musical.
7. breakouts on my skin! it’s just like who invited you to come and hang out on my face. No one so go away!
8. 5-6 inch heels just because I can’t point my toes therefore I can’t wear them. my point is I hate them because I’m jealous.
9. Caffeine! yes I don’t like tea or coffee I’m weird, but who cares. caffeine is a drug that I don’t like.
10. procrastinating! because I do it all to often.
So that was the love/hate tag!
I tag the following people:
p.s: Comment if we have a love/hate in common!?!?
Love you, talk to you later! xxx