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Lolifarian Boutique

This week the online shops Rasta Empire and Lolita Show have come together and opened the Boutique Lolifarian in Central London. They called the new boutique Lolifarian that is the new name for the styles combined. It’s all about showing that even in todays society you can still be different and look good. If you like the Rastafarian and Lolita styles this may be the new look for you. The Lolifarian style it more casual then Lolita but more dressy than Rastafarian.
The kind owners of Lolifarian gave me unlimited access to the boutique for one day only, and asked me to pick out a complete outfit to show you guys what you can do with some of the things they have in store.
When I first entered the boutique it can be a little overwhelming as there is a lot to do with each individual style. the way that they have laid it out in my opinion is simplistic. There is a line down the middle of the floor, on the left is Lolita and the right Rastafarian. Although the styles are separated on the line they have placed mannequins showcasing the styles mixed. I think this is a brilliant idea so that those that want a particular style aren’t discouraged from shopping there.
The way that I have styled this look makes it easy to add and take away a single item and the look has completely changed making it good for those that prefer one look over the other. This makes it easier for you to decide what it is that you like.
Before I get to my take on the streetstyles combined here is the two main pictures that inspired me.
Here is my take on the two styles combined.


I have kept the two styles as equal as possible in doings so I believe that the outfit works really well.
The Lolita elements are as follows:
  • Skirt
  • Shoes
  • Hair
The Rastafarian elements are as follows:
  • Top
  • Make-up
  • Jewellery
I like how the equality of the two styles has created a cute but casual and slightly dressy look.
In the beginning I said that you can change up the look by simply adding and taking away a single item. Well this is how I did it!
Here I have simply taken away the tutu and put on a pair of straight leg jeans. This has made the look a lot more Rastafarian. Changing only a single item has moved the style from semi-casual to casual.
Again going from Lolifarian to Lolita is as easy as changing your top.
Here to keep the link to both styles because of the more Rastafarian look the hair was still Lolita, so for this I have the scarf. However you can still see what it would look like even without. This is just pure cutesy and fun in my opinion.
I really enjoyed working with the people from the Lolifarian Boutique, they were kind and helpful and I hope to work with them again in the future. If you ever find yourself in London do check it out you never know you may fall in love with something.
Here are the links to the original online shops:
Photography by Ryan:
I hope you enjoyed reading!
Love you, talk to you later! xxx
This post was written for my college project however I thought that you may like to see it as there were no posts this week.