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Flashback Friday OOTD!

I wore this outfit last Thursday when I went shopping with my friends and bought the items in my last post, Thursday’s purchases.
Here is my outfit enjoy!

I love the way that the White top goes with my cream and black skirt. The only reason why this works for me is that the edge of the zip on my jacket is cream and goes from the top of my outfit to the bottom. tieing the to colours together. my top and skirt are from Primark. The top cost £5.00. The skirt was £6.00 and I believe is still in stores however the top is not. the jacket I am wearing is my PTX merch which unfortunately is no longer available. I love the jacket, it is light weight and grey and goes with everything. my tights are also from primark, lol. The shoes I am wearing are suede heels from Clarks. I bought them last year for prom but now I wear them all the time.
This was my makeup of the day. My choker necklace is from new look. The H necklace was a bday present from my BFF! My earrings are from forever 21.
Okay so real talk now: next week there will not be any posts as I will be away on holiday and unable to update. However the week I get back there will be 2 posts to make up for the missed one.
Love you, talk to you later! Xxx