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First day of school outfit! 

So my first day back was this Monday although I was only in for an hour. As it was the first day I made sure I looked presentable.
Here we go…

 I’m wearing a blue jumper from Select that absolutely love. it has a slit down both sides and is longer at the back then the front. The colour is really stand out and reflects the wanted look of the sky. My leggings are from H&M. they cost £5.99. they are super comfortable as well as not see through, wich is what I hate about leggings and the reason that I don’t own many. My shoes are from primark. they to me are what made this outfit because without them I think the jumper would have been too much and not very pleasing to the eyes. however with the shoes the eyes aren’t so overwhelmed by the massive block of colour. The bag I am wearing is also from Primark. it is currently in stores for £10. its cute and has gold painted metal work. there is a lot of room in the bag as well, it’s not small!
And to jewellery…
The choker im wearing is from New Look and is super cute! although you can’t really see it in the pictures. the H necklace was a gift from my BFF Becky for my birthday.
I hope you enjoyed reading!
Love you, talk to you later! xxx