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Cruelty free eyeliner- Gosh Vs Barry M

Let’s do this!


So which one is better??? Well in my opinion the Gosh liquid gel liner is and here is why…

For the packaging I favour the Barry M eye define liquid liner as it is clear and easy to read so you know what the product is. The Gosh packaging I struggled to read whilst in the shop and even when I got how I was hoping I picked up the correct one. The tube is clear or a lighter shade of black then the writing. The Xtreme is in bold black lettering which isn’t smart against the black tube causing it to be almost impossible to read.

The brush applicator on the Barry M liner is the easiest to work with and dries super glossy, however I prefer the finish of the Gosh eyeliner although it is a little trickier to work with. This is due to the Gosh applicator being harder the the Barry M one. When it comes to efficacy I do prefer the Gosh gel liquid liner.

When applying the products onto your eyes the Gosh liner can clump in your eyelashes although the Barry M doesn’t. The Gosh liner does happen to be more black then the Barry M. Before appling my mascara I usually run my lashes through an eyebrow comb/groomer to separate any clumped lashes. Both of the liquid eyeliners are super black and when the colour dries they do not run when you run your finger over them.

Both liquid eyeliners come in multiple shades.

Product list:

Gosh Gel Liquid Eye Liner £6.29

Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner £4.79

Love you, talk to you later! xxx

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