5 things that happen in April

April starts tomorrow so I thought why not make a list about all of my favourite things that happens in April.
1. First of all the month starts with April fools day and they are always fun! ;D
2. Easter, it brings the perfect long weekend for those that can get the time off work!
3. School holidays are the best especially the 2 week term break!
4. On the 22nd is Earth Day. This is a day to celebrate and educate yourself and those around you about what our earth does for us, and how to take care of it. Why don’t you do something green that maybe you don’t get a chance to do everyday.
5. In London on the 26th is the London Marathon, although it is now to late for anyone to enter it is never to late to sponsor someone involved. So why don’t you ask a friend if they know someone involved with the event or even just go on Facebook and find a person that is supporting a charity that you like the sound of. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take a moment to appreciate everything in your life and maybe help someone in one way or another and give money to charity. Even a single penny can help to make a difference.
When you think about it April is a month of giving and reflecting on what you have. So embrace it and have an amazing April.
Love you, talk to you later! xxx